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Stop Sugar Cravings in 4 Easy Steps

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Has the tidal wave of holiday cookies, candy, and eggnog kicked your sweet tooth into over drive? Take it down a few gears with these 4 easy strategies:

  1. Chew sugar-free gum. Studies show it can ward off hunger and keep you from grabbing sweet afternoon snacks. Learn how chewing gum helped people in one study beat back snack attacks.
  2. Walk away from temptation. When a sugar craving hits, take a hike, even around the hallways. Walking and other forms of physical activity can tame cravings, prevent overeating, and burn calories, too. Sweet. Read about a group of walkers who kicked their cravings for chocolate to the curb.
  3. Take a 7-minute Zen break. Next time that pile of sugar-frosted holiday cookies starts singing its siren song, drown it out with a 7-minute meditation break. Discover why the ancient Zen practice works better than will power to beat back food cravings.
  4. Trade in your soft drinks. For a flavorful low-cal, low-sugar alternative, concoct your own soda by mixing seltzer with a jigger of fruit juice. Opt for low-sugar and low-fat versions of eggnog and those fancy holiday coffee drinks, too. Try this low-fat eggnog recipe for a toddy that won't topple your weight-loss goals.

Check out this assortment of yummy, low-cal holiday recipes from EatingWell.

Outwit your appetite this holiday season and all year long with these 10 hunger-busting tips.

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