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5 Low-Cal Game Day Snacks

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Combine 1 month of holiday feasting with 1 football season of noshing on high-calorie snacks, and what have you got? Double the size in belly, hips, and thighs. But cheer up! We've got diet snack solutions to help.

That's right. Game day food makeovers that look and taste like the originals. Your guests won't even know they're low in fat (and you'll stay in your skinny jeans till baseball season).

  • Lite Wings: Cut the saturated fat and sodium with these cornmeal-crusted boneless buffalo wings. Serve them with a light blue-cheese dip.
  • Pizza-to-go: For maximum calorie control, make it yourself. If convenience is a priority, order a thin-crust veggie pizza from Domino's, Pizza Hut, or Papa John's. All three can deliver a pizza that weighs in at less than 250 calories a slice.
  • Chips and dip: Serve baked chips with a Greek-yogurt-based fat-free dip. At about 15 calories a tablespoon, you can have more than a handful. Discover which ingredient in yogurt hinders the storage of body fat.
  • Chocolate fix: Make your own 100-calorie fudge brownies using applesauce instead of oil to keep them moist. Short on time? Splurge on a box of Erin Baker's Organic Brownie Bites. They're only 90 calories each. Dark chocolate can also lower high blood pressure. Here's why.
  • Brewski: Okay, so light beers don't have the alcohol (carbs, to you) of full-strength brew. But if you're counting calories, these four (at 70 calories or less) can't be beat: Budweiser Select 55, Miller Genuine Draft 64, Beck's Premier Light, and Pabst Pearl Light. Read about a mineral in beer that helps build your bones.

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