Top 10 Must-Have Skincare Products

As a dermatologist, part of my job is making sure my patients are on the best skincare regimen for their skin type. Of course I tailor these regimens for their goals, whether they want to address fine lines, wrinkles, discoloration, acne, redness, or another specific concern. Though skin type certainly dictates my product suggestions (find out your Baumann Skin Type at, there are general guidelines that all skincare regimens should follow. Here are my 10 must-haves.

  1. Cleanser. The cleanser you choose must be appropriate for your skin type. If you’re on the dry side, go with an oil or cream; and if you’re oily, seek out a gel or foam.
  2. Retinoids. Whether you use over-the-counter retinol or a prescription like tretinoin, tazarotene or adapalene, this is the best anti-aging product out there. One piece of advice: Don’t waste your time or money on retinyl palmitate, as it doesn’t penetrate well.
  3. Targeted treatment for the morning. If you don’t know what your skin’s major issue is (e.g., acne, inflammation, pigment, dehydration), take my skin type quiz and get the appropriate treatment for morning use.
  4. Targeted treatment for nighttime. Make the most of your beauty sleep by giving your skin active ingredients designed to improve specific concerns.
  5. Good everyday sunscreen. Make sure you shield your skin from intermittent sun exposure, like walking to and from the car. A broad-spectrum SPF of 15 is adequate so long as you apply enough (half a teaspoon).
  6. Good sunscreen for prolonged exposure. When you’re going to be outside for extended periods of time, opt for a higher SPF and a formulation that’s water-resistant. And remember to reapply every two hours.
  7. Antioxidant. Sunscreen alone isn’t enough to fight aging. Look for vitamin C, green tea, idebenone, or argan oil.
  8. Bath oil. You deserve to treat yourself to a soak. A lavender-scented bath oil helps you relax and drift off to sleep.
  9. Body lotion. A sweet-smelling lotion is great, but for the sake of your skin’s health, you’re better off with something that helps repair and reinforce your skin’s barrier. I like Cetaphil cream; and Vaseline has a variety of body lotions that help lock moisture into your skin and prevent it from evaporating.
  10. Hand/cuticle cream. Applying hand cream after every time you wash is the best way to prevent dryness. Look for a product with argan oil or safflower oil for extra antioxidant protection and barrier repair.


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