10 Tips to Keep Germs Out of Your Cosmetics

The hand sanitizers popping up everywhere lately are potent reminders of the importance of hygiene in preventing the spread of disease. But did you know many items in your bathroom cabinet can also transmit harmful bacteria? Here are 10 ways to avoid contamination. 

  1. If you have acne, don’t use a reusable loofah. Acne bacteria can end up on the loofah, where it can be spread to other parts of your body. Instead, use a disposable product like Pond’s Clean Sweep Cleansing Wipes.
  2. Don't leave jars of cream in the shower. Humidity can make the ingredients less effective and promote the growth of fungi. Always screw lids on jars and tubes and keep in a cool dark place. I had a special bathroom cabinet made away from my window to store the many samples that I receive.
  3. Never use saliva to wet makeup brushes or wipe makeup out of your eye. Bacteria from your mouth can cause eye infections.
  4. Throw out all lipsticks and glosses used within a week of the appearance of a cold sore.
  5. Never share makeup with others. Mascara and other eye makeup can spread highly contagious conjunctivitis (pink eye), and sharing lipsticks and glosses can lead to herpes infection (cold sores). 
  6. Wash makeup brushes once a month to prevent the spread of acne bacteria. Avoid products marked “antibacterial,” as these can harm human health and the environment; instead, use warm water and liquid soap or shampoo.
  7. Sponges are breeding grounds for bacteria. Makeup sponges should be washed once a week, dried thoroughly before use and replaced frequently.
  8. Don't put dirty fingers in your jar of cream—wash your hands first.
  9. Toss old or expired products. Preservatives become less effective with age, leaving products vulnerable to contamination. Always check the expiration date, particularly with natural or organic products, which sometimes don’t contain preservatives at all.
  10. Always wipe tweezers with alcohol before using.

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