Healthy Foods That Make You Feel Full

When it comes to diet-friendly foods that keep you feeling full for hours, your best bets include protein and fiber. Protein works because compared to carbohydrate and fat, protein takes a longer time to digest.

Fiber helps by absorbing water, and therefore, expanding in your stomach and creating a feeling of fullness. Single foods that automatically combine the two - and are less than 200 calories - include ½ cup starchy beans (for example, navy, kidney, black, pinto and garbanzo beans) and one ounce nuts or seeds. 

When it comes to meal and snack combinations, your options are endless.  The following menu provides a few meal ideas that fit the bill. 

Breakfast: ½ cup Kellogg’s All-Bran or General Mills Fiber One cereal, plus 1 cup of cinnamon-flavored Barbara’s Puffins, and 1 cup of Skim Plus (higher in protein than other milks). *You can also use 1 cup Kashi Go Lean cereal mixed with Skim Plus. 

Lunch: Large vegetable salad with 3-5 ounces grilled chicken, half cup chick peas, and low-calorie vinaigrette dressing.  

Dinner: Shrimp-vegetable stir fry with ½ cup brown rice.

Snack Options (each between 100-200 calories):

  • One piece of fruit + one ounce low-fat cheese
  • 20 almonds or 35 pistachio nuts
  • Non-fat yogurt topped with ½ cup high fiber cereal

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