Diet Myths Exposed: Part 2

Here are more facts about common diet myths…

  • Exercise in the morning burns more calories. 

    Studies show that people who exercise in the morning tend to be more consistent with their daily workouts. However, exercising in the morning does not actually burn more calories than exercising later in the day.

  • Dairy is bloating.

    Dairy is only bloating for people with lactose intolerance… and in some instances, for people with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).  For people without lactose intolerance or dairy specific IBS, low-fat milk, yogurt and cheese should not cause bloating.

  • You can “save” calories by skipping breakfast.

    Studies report that breakfast eaters weigh less than breakfast skippers (obviously, it has to be a healthy breakfast). Plus, breakfast skippers tend to overeat after dinner.

  • Colonics help you lose weight.

    Colonics simply dehydrate you -- you may weigh less, but it’s mainly water weight NOT fat weight. Lost water weight typically comes right back on after a few glasses of fluid.

  • Weight lifting makes you bulky.

    Appropriate weight lifting will not make you bulky (unless that’s your goal and your program takes this into consideration). Light weight lifting helps to increase lean body mass, which helps you burn more calories 24-7. In the end it will help you lose weight and enable you to eat more.

  • The scale is your absolute best indicator of weight loss.

    Checking your weight loss progress on a scale is certainly simple and encouraging (depending upon the outcome!). However, there are other effective ways to track your progress: take body measurements with a tape measure, test body fat, compare personal photos, and assess the fit of your clothing.

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