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Healthy Kids, Healthy Family

By Kristen Danielson, M.D.
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Healthy Kids, Healthy Family

Welcome to the blog that I call "Healthy Kids, Healthy Family."

I’m Kristen Danielson, MD, from All Children’s Hospital in St. Petersburg, Florida. Besides being a full-time mom, I’m also a pediatrician. My goal with this blog is to help you keep your child healthy. This means I will focus on good habits when it comes to diet, exercise and other ways to prevent illness and injuries.

But let’s face it, kids do get sick. So, I will also write about many common problems that you might encounter. No blog is a substitute for a good discussion with your own pediatrician or pediatric nurse to decide what’s best for your sick little one, but hopefully I can provide some useful information as well.

I’ve been practicing pediatrics for 12 years with experience as both an outpatient pediatrician as well as a hospitalist (a pediatrician who takes care of hospitalized children). When I look back on it, I realize that I was taught a huge amount in medical school at the University of Connecticut and even more as a pediatric resident at the University of Rochester. However, it was only after becoming a parent that I really learned what parents need (and want) to hear when talking about the health of a child. That’s exactly what I intend to put in this blog.

And when will a busy parent of today find time to read a blog like this? That’s a tough question. Maybe while you are sitting in a minivan waiting for ballet class to end, or watching another soccer practice from the bleachers, or while standing in line at the supermarket checkout. I know that your time is not your own, so I’ll try to make good use of it.

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