Drop a Pants Size in 2 Weeks

As much as I love summer, by the time early autumn rolls around I’m ready to pack away my sundresses and sandals and pull my fall sweaters and boots out of the back of my closet—it feels like having a whole new wardrobe! But there’s always that moment before I slip on a pair of jeans for the first time in several months that I wonder: Will they still fit? Sound familiar? Well, if last season’s skinny jeans are feeling a little too skinny for you, this firming formula can make them a perfect fit again—and fast. Designed by Michele Olson, Ph.D., professor of exercise science at Auburn Montgomery University in Alabama, these four easy, at-home toners are scientifically proven to help resize your thighs and butt in just two weeks. You’ll thank me when you don’t have to buy new jeans—the old ones still fit!

The plan: All you need is a pair of 5-pound weights and a chair to do these super sculptors. Do three sets of 18 reps of each move in quick succession (research also links high reps to faster results), starting with your weaker side (left, for most of us). Repeat on the opposite side, three times per week on alternate days.

The moves:


Works thighs, hamstrings, butt, shoulders, chest, abs

Start in a lunge with left foot forward, a weight in each hand at right hip. Bring weights to left shoulder, right arm parallel to floor, left arm bent at side (as shown). Push off right foot to stand, bringing it to meet left foot as you swing weights back to right hip. Return to start. Do three sets of 18 reps.

Leg Blaster



Works hips, shoulders, abs, butt

Stand with feet hip-width apart, a weight in each hand, right elbow bent with weight at right shoulder, left arm extended to ceiling to start. Raise left knee, leg turned out, toe pointed, as you pull left elbow down to meet left knee (as shown). Return to start. Do three sets of 18 reps.

Hip Sculptor



Works butt, back, thighs, hamstrings

Stand next to chair, holding back with left hand, a weight in right hand at side; extend right leg behind you and bend forward. Keep chest up, but don’t arch back. Bend left knee, lowering weight toward floor (as shown), then straighten left knee for one rep. Do three sets of 18 reps.

Booty Firmer



Works butt, hamstrings

Stand next to chair, holding back with right hand and a weight in left hand at side for balance; bend left knee, lifting foot behind you to start. Squeeze butt and press left foot back slightly, keeping knee bent and foot flexed (as shown), for one rep. Return to start. Do three sets of 18 reps.


Rump Raiser


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