Can This Cool Tool Help Me Lose Weight?

1. To Get Motivated: Fitbit One ($100;

This souped-up pedometer also tracks cals and hours slept, and wirelessly uploads your stats into charts on your phone and computer for constant feedback.

Why You’ll Love It: “The setup is so simple, and the site is super easy to navigate. My favorite part: I get rewarded with badges when I hit milestones like exceeding 10,000 steps or climbing 10 sets of stairs. It makes me want to move as much as possible.” --Amanda Woerner, SELF assistant editor

2. To Make Your Run More Fun: RunKeeper (free; iTunes)

The do-it-all app gives updates on speed and distance, and prompts for interval training. Runs are saved and mapped to share (if you want to) on Facebook or Twitter.

Why You’ll Love It: “I set my audio alert to tell me my pace every mile. Knowing that it’s tracking me encourages me to speed up. And with the GPS capability, I can do a five-miler on vacation without getting lost.” --Sara Wells, SELF senior editor

3. To Take a Virtual Class: (from $9 per 60-minute session, per person;

Subscribe to this site and you and up to four besties can schedule Skype-like group routines with a trainer for workouts like yoga and kickboxing.

Why You’ll Love It: “I asked my BFFs in Nashville and L.A. to do a total-body session with me. It was so cool to see and hear my friends and our trainer on my laptop screen and to sweat ‘together.’ And it’s cheaper than a real-life group class.” --Rachel Gauchman, SELF reader, New York City

4. To Feel Like You Have Your Own Personal Trainer: Nike+ Kinect on Kinect for Xbox 360 ($50;

This “game” tests your fitness level, then tailors an exercise plan to meet your goals.

Why You’ll Love It: “The system is totally intuitive. My trainer actually corrects my form and modifies my routine for me. Because there’s no controller, I’m free to really move around and log a solid session.” --Marissa Stephenson, SELF fitness editor



Finally, there is a perfect weight loss plan for your personality. SELF's Lose 8 pounds program let’s you choose between a bootcamp trainer and yoga guru who lead you through the slim-down, shape up plan in just four weeks. (Plus, the nutritionist-approved recipes are delicious! No cooking skills required.) The payoff: you’ll erase 8. It’s easy!


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