7 Fun Ways to Burn 200 Calories

News flash: Workouts don’t have to feel like, well, work! In fact, during some of my most favorite calorie-burning moments, I’m not thinking about burning calories at all. I’m chatting with my training partner and we get so lost in conversation, I don’t even feel the miles click by. I’m just moving and enjoying myself outdoors on a beautiful day with a friend! If you’re looking for seriously fun new ways to get slim and sculpted, try slipping some of these playful calorie burners into your day. You won’t even notice the pounds melting off—until they’re missing in the mirror, of course.

Leave town

Book a spontaneous getaway at LastMinute.com. (You may even be able to get 70 percent off.) You’ll burn 200 calories before you even arrive by taking four minutes to carry your suitcases to the car and then to the baggage drop (hauling a 25-pound load burns 4.8 calories a minute), then reading your SELF on the plane for three hours—sitting simmers a little more than 1 calorie a minute. Bon voyage!


Leash up your pooch for a 2-mile walk (40 minutes) to burn about 140 calories. Then give him a 10-minute bath (38 calories), preferably outside, and yourself a 15-minute bubble bath (24 calories), preferably inside. You’ll be one well-groomed pair.

Take the late-night make-out challenge

For the next 10 weeknights, climb into bed with your honey and tune in to a late-night talk show. Whenever there’s a commercial break, start kissing and don’t stop until your favorite gap-toothed, big-chinned or deadpan-delivery host returns. You’ll lock lips for about 18 minutes a night—the total commercial time per hour, according to TNS Media, a media analysis company. Smooching burns 1.1 calories a minute, so you’ll kiss off 200 calories in 10 nights.

Master the “Single Ladies” dance (finally!)

No doubt, this song will be played at every bar, club, wedding and bar mitzvah you attend for the rest of your life. Learn the moves! Warm up like Beyoncé with pliés: Stand with heels together, toes out. Keeping your back straight, lower into a squat for eight counts. View the video on YouTube and practice for 29 minutes, or about nine times through the 3:13 song—you’ll know the steps, the lyrics and how it feels to be Sasha Fierce!

Wrap up in a Snuggie

On a rainy Sunday, it’s the best way to hibernate: Cozy into your couch for 3 hours and 14 minutes of your favorite DVD. Did you know that Titanic, by now a classic, is exactly that long? Sigh. Leo.

Meet in a dark alley

Round up your pals and head to the bowl-o-rama. Even if you have a light beer, you’ll still strike 200 calories in 90 minutes. (Skip the beer, and you can do it in about an hour.)

Start kidding around

Log on to the Big Brothers Big Sisters of America website (BBBS.org) and volunteer to be a buddy to a young girl in need. Take your new pal to the local park for some old-fashioned frolicking in the grass: Turn cartwheels and somersaults for 10 minutes (43 calories), swing side by side on the swing set for 21 minutes (113 calories), and finish with a five-minute game of tag (44 calories). Giggling burns calories, too!

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