The 5 Healthiest Frozen Dinners You Can Buy (Pizza, Stir Fry and More!)

On nights when I’m tired, rushing around or working late, I like to have a hot, healthy, delicious dinner served to me at the touch of a button. No, I don’t have a personal chef or butler—just a microwave! While eating fresh food is usually best for your body, some nights it’s just not possible to cook from scratch, and on those evenings, frozen entrées are my ammunition against fat-laden takeout or uninspiring leftovers.

The frozen meal options at the supermarket just keep getting more nutritious and delicious, as our taste testers found while scoping them out for SELF’s 2010 Healthy Food Awards. For a boxed supper that’s both slim and satisfying, choose a meal that contains about 220-350 calories and pair it with a salad for a meal totalling about 500 calories. Make the five winners below part of your weeknight repertoire, and you could lose 5 pounds this month, too!

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Best Frozen Pizza: Kashi Thin Crust Mediterranean Pizza (290 calories, 9 g fat per 1/3 pie): This Greek-style pie is decked with feta, red peppers and spinach. Plus, it’s high in calcium, vitamins and protein—and it’s big enough to share with two pals. A nutritional all-star, any way you slice it!

Best Frozen-Meat Meal
: Healthy Choice Complete Meals Golden Roasted Turkey Breast (290 calories, 4.5 g fat per meal): Turkey, stuffing and green beans earned this fiber- and protein-rich meal the moniker “frozen Thanksgiving.” Just like at Grandma’s, dessert (cherry-blueberry crisp) is included!

Best Frozen Seafood Meal: Lean Cuisine Szechuan Style Stir Fry With Shrimp (230 calories, 2.5 g fat per meal): A two-time Healthy Food Awards winner swept the category again, thanks to its tender shrimp and firm, bright vegetables. It has plenty of vitamins and protein, too!

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Best Frozen Veggie Meal: Lean Cuisine Santa Fe-Style Rice & Beans (300 calories, 5 g fat per meal): This calcium-rich supper doesn’t skimp on the queso and has 11 g protein.

Best International Frozen Meal
: Amy’s Indian Vegetable Korma (310 calories, 12 g fat per meal): Even carnivores chose this vitamin-rich veggie option over meals with meat, thanks to its robust and authentic flavor. Bring a little Bollywood to your table!

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