Weird Weight Loss Tricks that Really Work!

Fed up with the same old weight-loss tips? These eight slim-down strategies may sound strange, but they’re all backed by solid science.

1. Eat with your non-dominant hand.

 One intriguing new study offers a simple antidote to the mindless munching that often accompanies watching movies or TV: Just switch hands—and you’ll eat less.

The researchers randomly handed moviegoers a bucket of fresh popcorn or “cold, wet, spongy week-old” popcorn. Those who said they usually ate popcorn at the movies shoveled down just as much whether the popcorn was fresh or stale. But in a separate experiment, the scientists found that when people were asked to eat with their non-dominant hand, they consumed 30 percent less.

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2. Take a look in the mirror.

 While you eat, sit in front of a mirror. One study found that when people watch themselves eat, consumption of high-calorie food (such as full-fat cream cheese) drops by nearly a third, possibly because seeing themselves eat reminds them of their diet and health goals.

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