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How Doctors Are Using Google Glass to Save Lives

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Outer Space Vitamin Helps Prevent Heart Attacks, Stroke

A vitamin that cuts risk for heart attacks and stroke may come from outer space, NASA-funded researchers  More »

Simple Tests Can Reduce Heart Attack Deaths

Simple, widely available tests – one of which only costs $15 – could help prevent heart-attack deaths, according to groundbreaking new research.  More »

Body Hacks For Better Sleep

Surprising new research reveals previously unknown shortcuts to more refreshing sleep at home and during travel.  More »

World Health Day: Deadly Insect-Borne Diseases on the Rise

With just one bite, mosquitoes, ticks, fleas and sandflies can cause fatal infections, including Lyme disease, dengue fever, malaria and even plague.  More »

Study: Aging Brain Can Defend Itself Against Alzheimer’s

The brain may capable of amazing resilience, in some cases protecting itself even when the physical signs of Alzheimer’s disease are present, according to new research published in  More »

The Diet That Adds Years to Your Life

Looking for an easy way to cut your risk of death?  More »

The Sweet Superfood That May Prevent Heart Attacks

Watermelon’s not just for hot summer days anymore—it may help people at risk of heart attack and stroke manage cold weather, according to new research from  More »

Enjoy Flavorful Foods, Reduce Salt, and Cut Your Stroke Risk

Slashing salt can be tricky – but teaching people to flavor food with herbs and spices may help, suggests  More »

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