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8 Best Ways to Kick Your Food Cravings

Cravings are intense desires for a particular food. Whether you're stressed, pregnant, or tired -- learn about root causes and get tips to fight your food cravings.  More »

Holiday Spy Kit: 8 Clues Your Aging Parents Aren't OK

What to look for when you wonder how they're doing  More »

7 Signs Santa Has Alzheimer's

We don't want to recognize red flags for dementia, but even Santa shows some symptoms. Here, 7 signs that could mean Alzheimer's or another dementia.  More »

10 Simple Tricks That Help Smokers Quit

Though it's hard to stop smoking, there are tips and tricks that actually help. Learn ten tricks anyone can try that can help you stop smoking.  More »

7 Ways to Avoid Getting Sick When You Fly

You are 113 times more likely to catch a cold during a flight than during normal daily life. Learn why -- and learn how to avoid getting sick when you fly.  More »

8 Foods That Lower Blood Pressure

You can significantly lower high blood pressure by watching what you eat. Here, 8 foods that help lower blood pressure, and how they do it.  More »

A Top Dermatologist's 5 Best Anti-Aging Tips

How to slow down the changing look of the skin you're in  More »

5 Secrets to Lifelong Weight Loss

Proven ways to get pounds off -- and keep them off  More »

10 Preboarding Secrets to Staying Healthy When You Fly

Many people come down with a cold or flu immediately after a flight. Here are 10 preboarding secrets, culled from frequent fliers, on how to protect against colds, flu, and other ills.  More »

7 Natural Cures for Migraines

Studies show that some natural foods and vitamins help prevent or relieve migraine headaches. Here, 7 easy remedies to help ease migraines.  More »

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