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The Key to a Happy Marriage May Lie in Your Genes

A small genetic variation may determine your long-term relationship satisfaction.  More »

Could DNA Affect Your Marriage?

The secret ingredient to a happy marriage is not only communication, openness, and moral support, but also a code that can solidify and fortify a relationship for years to come — your DNA code.  More »

Study: Even Well-Endowed Men Worry About Measuring Up

A study by Kings College in London found that, no matter how well-endowed men are, they are still vulnerable to experiencing shame about the perceived size of their penis. In fact, penis anxiety doesn’t correlate with penis size at all.  More »

"Medical" Screening Tool Developed to Keep Gay People Out of Arab Countries

Yousouf Mindkar, director of public health at the Kuwaiti health ministry, says the country is developing a "gaydar" to catch gays and lesbians attempting to enter Gulf States.  More »

Hearty Breakfasts May Boost Fertility

Eating a hearty breakfast in the morning may help decrease insulin resistance and glucose levels and boost ovulation in women who suffer from PCOS, according to a recent study.  More »

A Better Erectile Dysfunction Treatment: Nitric Oxide Beads

Researchers have found tiny beads filled with nitric oxide to be more effective at treating erectile dysfunction than some prescription drugs.  More »

Marriage May Be Better Than Chemotherapy

Is marriage good for your health? If you’re diagnosed with cancer, does marriage help? A new study addressed these questions, and the news may be inspiring for married folks.  More »

Are Men Biologically Doomed To Cheat?

Men who cheat could be chastised for having no self-control, but it could just be that their sexual impulses were that strong.  More »

Chinese Hospital Asks For 'Virgin Blood' To Run HPV Tests

Advocates are up in arms after one Chinese hospital requested female virgins donate their blood, purportedly so that tests of HPV can have more effective control groups.  More »

Arizona Man Allegedly Drugged and Branded Girlfriend

Christopher Jackson, 49, was arrested last week after he allegedly branded his initials onto the vagina of his unconscious girlfriend, according to local authorities in Arizona.  More »

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