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12 Things You Shouldn't Say to Someone with a Chronic Illness

Some things really are better left unsaid, especially if you’re talking to one of the 133 million Americans who live with a chronic illness.  More »

5 Conditions Erectile Dysfunction Could Signal

Men with erectile dysfunction (ED) should be checked by a doctor for early heart disease, even if they aren’t interested in ED treatment. Almost every man with ED can receive treatment that works for him.  More »

Rx for Healing Foot Ulcers from Diabetes

Foot ulcers may be painless, but for diabetes patients they may also lead to hospitalization and limb amputation. A tissue repair therapy, however, shows great promise for healing these sores.  More »

Breastfeeding's Long-Term Benefits Overstated, Based On Flawed Data

The breastfeeding craze may be over-hyped. A new study suggests long-term benefits such as higher IQ may have been overstated.  More »

"Eating for Two" Not Wise for Either

Whether it's pickles and ice cream or Hot Cheetos dipped in ranch, pregnant women often experience bizarre food cravings. But the real secret to healthy weight gain is not "eating for two."  More »

Kidney Stones Thwarted By Blood Pressure Diet

In good news for those who fear the kidney stone, researchers say they've found an optimum diet for preventing trouble.  More »

Expert Recommendation: Depression as Risk to Heart Health

High levels of depressive symptoms are common among heart disease patients. Rather than a side effect of heart problems, depression may be a serious risk factor.  More »

Loss of a Loved One May Actually Break Your Heart

Older people are twice as likely to suffer heart attacks and stroke during the month immediately following the loss of a loved one.  More »

Lung Cancer Survival in Women Linked to Hormone Therapy

More people die of lung cancer each year than any other kind of cancer. The survival rate among women, however, is better than men -- and the reasons aren't exactly clear.  More »

Omalizumab Helped Ease Multiple Food Allergies at Once

Treatment options for food allergies are limited, especially for people with more than one food allergy. Recent research has uncovered a medication that may help people control multiple food allergies.  More »

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