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New Compounds Might Prevent Swine Flu Deaths

Some strains of the flu are more deadly than others. But a new treatment might block the chemical pathway that some strains use to kill their hosts.  More »

How Solitary Confinement Destroys The Mind

Solitary confinement may trigger or exacerbate mental health conditions in prisoners held for months and even years.  More »

The Most Influential Women in Medical History

Women have been behind some of the most important scientific breakthroughs, medical texts, and research throughout the course of history.  More »

Eating Protein May Affect Length of Life

Eating a balanced diet is among the tools for living a long healthy life. Deciding how much red meat, dairy and other animal-based foods to eat can be key to that effort.  More »

Sight for Sore Eyes: Rx for Diabetic Eye Disease

For some with diabetes, changes in blood sugar can distort vision because of leaking blood vessels in the eyes. An eye medication has shown long-term promise in treating this visual impairment.  More »

Special MRI Might Lead to Earlier Parkinson's Diagnosis

Parkinson's disease can be hard for doctors to identify. And while it has no cure, early diagnose can help those with the nerve-damaging disease choose an optimum course of treatment.  More »

Premature Births Linked to Mother's Nutrition

Fruits, vegetables, whole grains and similarly healthy foods are recommended for everyone, but especially for pregnant women. Following that advice may reduce the risk of a baby's early arrival.  More »

Dark Chocolate May Promote Healthy Blood Flow

Dark chocolate lovers may now be able to enjoy their treat even more. A new study suggests that the sweet snack may actually be good for the heart.  More »

Another Success for HPV Vaccine

One precursor to cervical cancer are lesions that develop on the cervix from a virus called HPV. But the worst strains of HPV can be prevented with a vaccine.  More »

Does Getting Angry Raise Your Heart Attack Risk?

A new study finds that within two hours of an angry outburst, a hot-tempered person’s risk of heart attack or stroke is almost five times higher.  More »

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