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Sitting Can Kill: How Exercise Can Reduce Heart Failure

While sitting may not seem harmful, a sedentary lifestyle may raise the risk of heart disease and premature death. Inactivity may also increase the chances of heart failure in men.  More »

Taking Steps Toward a Healthier Life

Getting enough physical activity each day is an important component to an overall healthy lifestyle. The earlier kids learn this habit, the more likely they will keep it up.  More »

Science Brings You the Ultimate Workout Playlist

Spotify teamed up with a doctor to see which popular songs are best for breaking a sweat.  More »

Bye Bye BMI: Why Athlete Diagnostics Are Better Than Any Formula

Obesity is usually measured using a 200-year-old formula, but now high-tech body scans at UC Berkeley help keep Cal athletes lean and mean.  More »

Who Knew That A Chair Could Harm Your Health?

Two studies link a sedentary lifestyle to chronic illnesses and higher mortality but also emphasize the health benefits of staying on your feet as much as possible.  More »

Shouldering an Injury in High School Sports

Although much attention has focused on concussions in high school sports, shoulder injuries are common as well. And these injuries may vary by sport.  More »

Report: More Americans Are Kicking the Habit

The risks of smoking are well established, but that doesn't mean it's easier to quit the habit. Yet, more Americans are skipping the smokes these days.  More »

Exercise Improved Quality of Life for MS Patients

Exercise can improve function and quality of life for people living with the most chronic diseases. New research suggests that people living with multiple sclerosis (MS) are among those who benefit from exercise.  More »

Sit Less, Feel Better

Being physically fit is good for your health, but simply limiting time sitting down might also be important, according to the authors of a new study.  More »

A Paradox Lost: Does Weight Matter With Diabetes?

While some studies have shown that diabetes patients who are overweight may have a lower risk of dying (known as the “obesity paradox”), being bigger may not tip the scales in your favor.  More »

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