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3D Ultrasounds Are Creepy (to Everyone)

Unhappy your first child has no orange, alien-like pictures to accompany his glossy baby photos? Consider the world of 3D ultrasounds the next time around.  More »

New, Less Expensive IVF Procedure Leads to Healthy Babies

By cutting equipment costs, researchers find a cheaper path to conception.  More »

The Post-Pregnancy Mistake Half of Women Make

After women give birth, many medical organizations recommend that they visit a doctor to assess any possible health risks. However, few women do.  More »

5 Ways Obesity Affects Your Fertility

To become pregnant, a healthy weight matters. Obesity has a number of different effects on your fertility—as well as your partner’s.  More »

Study: Epidural Can Increase Delivery Time by Two Hours

Although women in labor often rely on receiving epidural anesthesia to relieve pain, a new study shows the procedure can increase a woman's delivery time by about two hours.  More »

Obesity During Pregnancy May Harm the Heart Later

Almost one third of women of childbearing age are obese, which may affect the development of the unborn baby as well as the mother's long-term heart health.  More »

Good News for Older Pregnancies

Many women are now choosing to give birth later in life. However, older age has often been associated with abnormal fetal development.  More »

Home Births Much More Dangerous Than Hospital Births

Home births are four times more likely to result in neonatal death compared to deliveries by midwives and physicians in hospitals.  More »

Cannabis During Pregnancy Impairs Baby's Brain Development

A new study sheds light on how THC causes damage to cells in the growing brain.  More »

Diabetes Screening Urged for All Pregnant Women

During pregnancy, women who have never had diabetes can develop high blood sugar, which can affect mother and child. With cases of gestational diabetes rising, women are being urged to get tested.  More »

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