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Diabetes on the Rise as Obesity Rates Climb

Just by taking a look around, one might see that obesity has become a bigger problem over the last several decades. But changes in diabetes rates are less easy to see.  More »

Americans Increasing Usage of Dietary Supplements

A new study finds that Americans are increasing their usage of dietary supplements.  More »

Eating May Help Ease Relationship Anger

Couples married for a long time don't often mention food when speaking of how they have kept the relationship going, but maybe they should.  More »

6 Reasons You Should Add Kale To Your Diet

Want to live longer and live well? Reap the health benefits of kale, from building better bones to building a better body, by adding the dark, leafy green to your diet.  More »

Breast Cancer Patients May Benefit from Vitamin C

A diagnosis of breast cancer can bring new worries about survival. It's possible that a common vitamin may help improve the outlook.  More »

Deadly Consequences of Heavy Drinking Are Greater for Women

Many people like to relax after work with a drink or two. But for women, having a few too many can be a dangerous thing.  More »

Parents' Meal Portions Predicted Kids' Portions

Most kids are pretty good at deciding what foods they will eat. How much they eat, however, is influenced by more than hunger.  More »

6 Quick Tips For Healthy Eating On The Go

Constantly on-the-go? Here are six quick tips on how to stay healthy on the move, from participating in Menu Plan Monday to brewing your own tea or coffee.  More »

Eating Disorders: Not Just a Women's Issue

Eating disorders are common among teenagers and young adults. However, these conditions are usually assumed to affect only women, making the issue even more critical for men.  More »

7 Instagram Accounts to Follow for Your Health

We've rounded up some of the best Instagram accounts to share their food and fitness tips.  More »

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