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Marisa Miller's Secrets to Staying Fit

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Keep Your Love Bond Strong

Want to bolster your union? Swipe these tips from a woman who seems deliriously in love with her hubby.

Get Creative

 "Guys are very visual," says Marisa. So whether it's treating yourself (and him) to some new lingerie or playing dress-up in the bedroom, keeping things fresh can stoke excitement. "My job is great, because I come home from work every day made over," she says. "So Griffin can get 20 different women in one month!"

Give Him Space

 No matter how hot things get, know when to play it cool. "Understanding what he needs to do to wind down is important," says Marisa. "I let him have that time to play video games or whatever."

Speak Your Mind

 When something bothers you, let it rip. "Griffin used to get busy at work and not pick up the phone. It irritated me! Finally I said, 'Honey, if I call you in the middle of the day, I'm not going to tell you what color I painted my nails. I need to tell you something [important]," says Marisa. "Now, even if it's for just 30 seconds, he'll pick up and say, 'Hey, are you OK?'"

Share a Project

 "Our dog has become our child. We take [our Italian greyhound] Lula to the beach to run, we potty-trained her, and she sleeps in our bed. She's the first thing we raised together, so that means a lot," says Marisa, who says she eventually wants "a crazy household" with kids.

Look Amazing in Every Picture

After posing for, say, a gazillion photos, Marisa knows what works in front of the camera.

Do Your Research

 "Flip through photos of yourself, find shots you love, then figure out why you love them," says Marisa. "What helped me was knowing the angles of my body and what looked right."

Practice in Private

"Growing up, my sister and I would take pictures of each other," she says. Getting used to being snapped can help you feel more comfortable when it's time for important photo ops.

Get Your Rear in Gear

"A lot of women tuck their hips under to hide their butt in photos, but it looks awkward," says Marisa. "I suggest pushing your butt out. You'll get that sexy S shape that looks great in pictures."

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