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How Your Teeth Can Affect Your Overall Health

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Dr. Drew's Lifechanger and Root Canal Specialist Dr. Paul Anstey says bleeding gums are often the first sign that an infection is brewing... don't let it get into your bloodstream and travel elsewhere.

It's no secret that bacteria from root canal and gum Infections can bombard the bloodstream and attack other parts of the body, causing heart disease and strokes. But new research shows it might even be responsible for babies being born both prematurely and unusually underweight.

Never underestimate the importance of having a healthy, clean mouth. Bleeding gums can be the first sign there is a problem going on elsewhere. Sometimes, infections from root canals can spread to the jaw bones, causing serious complications. If you have cold, heat or bite sensitivity, a dangerous bacterial infection could be brewing under your teeth. Visit your dentist and inquire about an endodontist (root canal specialist) before the damage spreads and starts attacking other parts of your body!

Do you have a tooth that still hurts even after a root canal treatment?

This is not uncommon. Most root canals are done by dentists who do not have a microscope to help them make sure all the nerves in the tooth canal are removed. If any piece of a nerve is left behind, the pain (and infection) will not go away.

Daily Dental Must-Dos: A list of things you must do every day to save your teeth.

Root canal specialists have to study the complex area of the canals under our teeth for 2-3 years after dental school. Never let a dentist give you a root canal if he doesn't use a surgical microscope, which allows him to work under very high magnification to help find all the tiny canals in the tooth to ensure that all the infection is removed. Some of these canals are so small, it is nearly impossible to find them without this high level of magnification.

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