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The 3 Most Addictive Foods and 3 Easy Alternatives!

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Dr. Drew's Lifechanger and Psychotherapist Dr. Mike Dow says that the reason why so many people struggle with weight and diet is because food is both psychologically and physically addicting. Avoid the withdrawal of food addiction by swapping the three most addictive foods with these easy and delicious choices!

#1 Most Addictive Food: French Fries

Did you know that all of the unhealthy and carcinogenic fat in French fries releases heaps of dopamine in the brain? That's the same chemical that's released by cocaine or alcohol.

Swap With: Celery

Celery dipped in salsa can deliver dopamine to your brain the same way French fries do. Spicy foods rev up metabolism and release dopamine, tricking the brain into happy mode. Another great option: red peppers or baby carrots with hummus. The healthy fat in hummus doesn't just release dopamine... it also prevents disease and helps put you in a healthy mood. These swaps also have higher satiety values than fries that means they'll keep you fuller, longer.

#2 Most Addictive Food: Soda

The caffeine in all kinds of soda releases dopamine in the brain, and the sugar in regular soda releases serotonin. Studies show that diet soda isn't any better; people who drink it regularly are as likely to be overweight as regular soda drinkers.

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Swap with: Iced Green or Black Tea

How do you get off soda without headaches, fatigue, and irritability? Do it slowly! Replace soda with flavored and unsweetened iced green tea or unsweetened iced black tea: Both will give you a sustainable boost of dopamine while giving you hefty doses of disease-fighting antioxidants and compounds that promote weight loss. Or try a stevia-sweetened option like iced mint green tea.

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#3 Most Addictive Food: Pizza

When Domino's changed its recipe to include 40% more cheese last year, sales skyrocketed. It's no wonder all that extra cheese gives customers an explosion of dopamine in the brain! Just one slice contains 2/3 of the daily recommended intake of saturated fat. And who can stop at just one slice?

Swap With: Pizza?!

The secret swap for pizza? Pizza! Just eat it the way they do in Italy. Order the thin crust, and request light cheese. If you're at home, try a whole-wheat crust, pour on the marinara sauce, and get the pizza piping hot; heating tomatoes actually improves absorption of lycopene, the heart disease-fighting antioxidant. Skip the pepperoni in favor of grilled chicken or veggies.

Here's a way to raise your dopamine levels: Pair your healthy pizza with a glass of wine you've been meaning to try, or ask out that barista you've been flirting with! The excitement can help you feel more alive and that deep-dish pepperoni will start to look like, well... artery-clogging, grease-dripping dough.

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