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Benefits of Testosterone

From keeping your mind sharp and protecting you from injury to appearing more attractive to the opposite sex, testosterone works behind the scenes to keep you at the top of your game—and live longer to enjoy all its perks. 

5 Reasons Men Shouldn't Avoid Going to the Doctor

Research has found that 45 percent of men between ages 18 and 50 don’t have a primary care physician, and 40 percent of men in their 40s have never even had their cholesterol tested

Top Health Risks of Men Over 40

During midlife and beyond, men's leading causes of death include familiar standbys. To lessen your odds of dying from these killers, curb the critical habits that lead to them.

12 Signs of Depression in Men

While the symptoms used to diagnose depression are the same regardless of gender, often the chief complaint can be different among men and women.

What Is Low T?

Five million American men suffer the effects of low testosterone, according to the National Institutes of Health.

The Fittest Man of All Time

It started with a simple question: Who is the fittest man of all-time? Go ahead. Think about it. We did. And the answer wasn’t easy.

Warning Signs of Low Testosterone

Low testosterone is a condition affecting five million American men, according to the National Institutes of Health. The condition becomes more common with age, affecting 39 percent of men over age 35.

Easy Ways to Lower Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer among all men, regardless of race or ethnicity. It grows slowly, with few symptoms, but can be caught and treated with early detection.

Living With Low-T

Testosterone is a steroid. It's what gives us energy, drives our libido, and puts hair on our chest. If you don't have enough testosterone, one treatment option is, simply enough, to take a synthetic version of the steroid.

5 Top Killers of Men

Heart disease is the number one killer of men, claiming the lives of nearly 400,000 fathers, friends, brothers, and sons every year. Often, the difference between life and death is razor thin—remembering to pop an aspirin, not delaying your trip to the E.R.

Cancers That Strike Men

No man is invincible, especially when it comes to health. Learn to detect and defend against the cancers most likely to attack men, and you'll be able to take the disease head-on if it strikes—and increase your chances of beating it.

Normal Blood Pressure in Men

You probably often hear that 120 over 80 is the "sweet spot" for blood pressure, but the normal blood pressure for men can vary. Knowing what numbers are healthy is critical to your overall health.

Low Testosterone Q&A

Dr. Abraham Morgentaler, founder of Men's Health Boston, author of "Testosterone for Life," and associate clinical professor of urology at Harvard Medical School, answers some questions about low testosterone.



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