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Lice Treatment Buyer's Guide

Find the best lice treatment for your family

Find the best lice treatment for your family.

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Dealing with a lice infestation is a nightmare for any family. The good news is that there are many effective treatments available. To help you figure out the best solution, we’ve assembled our lice treatment buyers guide, so you can make an informed decision.

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What Are Head Lice?
The head louse (plural, lice) is scientifically known as Pediculus humanus capitis, and an infestation with head lice is medically known as Pediculosis capitis.  More »

Head and Body Lice Treatments and Medications
No one likes the thought of head lice. But rest assured, there are many methods and products designed to deal with outbreaks.  More »

8 Signs You May Have Lice
Though it’s unpleasant to think about, it’s important to learn to recognize the symptoms of lice before they become a big problem.  More »

The Dangers of Not Treating a Lice Outbreak
Lice won’t go away just because you want them to—in fact, if you do nothing, it is very likely that you, your partner or spouse, your children, your friends, and their friends will all eventually get infested.  More »

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