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Video: Living With Severe Allergies

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Anaphylaxis: Your FAQ Answered by an Expert
Dr. Grace Yu answers common questions about allergic reactions in children and adults and treatments for anaphylaxis.  More »

Managing Your Child’s Anaphylaxis at School
Children at risk for severe allergic reactions and anaphylaxis can live normal lives. Before school starts, make an appointment with your child’s teacher, support staff, and school administrators to discuss a plan for managing and preventing aller...  More »

For Parents: Creating a Food Allergy Cheat Sheet
You are your child’s greatest health advocate, but you won’t be able to monitor everything he or she eats. Use this helpful guide to remind yourself and teach your child ways to avoid potentially harmful foods.  More »

First Aid Kit for Food Allergy Sufferers
People prone to extreme allergic events need to be prepared. Put together a first aid kit complete with all the necessary tools to save your life or your child’s, and keep it with you at all times.  More »

Apps That Can Save Your Life
These smartphone apps help people with food allergies avoid potentially dangerous foods or get treatment faster in the event of accidental exposure.  More »

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