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UK Doctor Says He’d ‘Rather Have HIV Than Diabetes’

One doctor stirred up controversy after making a bold statement in an editorial piece, stating that he’d prefer HIV over diabetes.  More »

5 Things Your Breath May Say About Your Health

Heart failure was one such health condition scientists were able to detect through an analysis of patients' breath. Here are four others.  More »

How Obesity Can Rob You of Bone Density and Muscle Mass

Obesity can trigger type 2 diabetes and other diseases, and a new study claims it can also impact bone density and muscle mass.  More »

STD Prevention Is a Part of HIV Prevention

Reduce your risk of getting HIV by avoiding STDs. Start by learning about STDs, condom use, and other prevention strategies to stay STD- and HIV-free.  More »

How much sleep do you actually need?

Sleep is important for people of all ages to stay in good health. Read more to learn how much sleep your body needs.  More »

Your Guide to Aging Hair: 6 Simple Tips

As you age, hair fibers become thinner, their texture and color can change, and they are more easily damaged. But shampoos, diet and watching your medications can help retain some thickness and luster.  More »

Inflammation Connected to Prostate Cancer

Inflamed tissue seems to play a crucial role in prostate cancer. The presence of inflamed tissue may suggest cancer, even when screening blood tests are not elevated and causing concern.  More »

5 Easter Bread and Cake Recipes From Around the World

Sweeten up your Easter spread this weekend with these delectable treats from Greece, Poland, Jamaica, Italy, and the Dominican Republic.  More »

Flavored Liquid Nicotine Appeals To (And Harms) Small Children

The number of calls to poison centers reporting exposure to liquid nicotine from e-cigarettes rose over the past few years with more than half involving children under the age of 5.  More »

5 Quick-and-Easy Meatless Meals for Good Friday

This Good Friday, enjoy a healthy, meatless meal — from fish tacos to Southwestern stuffed peppers — that will make even a meat-lover salivate.  More »

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